Just a short time ago, 2012 to be exact, audiences were introduced to and charmed by the voice of a young, guitar toting singer-songwriter named Chad Price. It was then when Price teamed up with Jason Mraz Musical Director and Guitarist Bill Bell to record and release his debut album IN THIS DREAM. Henceforth, Price began to make a footprint on the national music landscape in multiple ways. A mere two years since, Price has accomplished things in the music industry that most new artists can only dream of accomplishing in such a brief period of time.

As an independent artist with a single album under his belt, Price’s music has been featured in multiple TV productions, including TSN’s national television broadcast of the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, as well as a 2014 episode of the popular Much/MTV television series Degrassi. His debut single Another Day has received national radio-play on Hot AC and Contemporary Hit Radio formats in Canada and the United States, resulting in the song officially charting in the US on Top 40 charts for over nine consecutive weeks.

Price is the recipient of multiple regional music awards, including Songwriter of the Year as well as Vocalist of the Year at the 2013 London Music Awards.

Price’s extensive performing has allowed him to set foot on many stages throughout Canada and the US, including a successful solo tour of Western Canada and the US in 2013. He has supported some of Canada’s most in-demand acts by sharing the stage with Walk off the Earth, Lights, Tim Chaisson, Courage My Love, Arkells, Paper Lions, and Darrelle London among many others.

With one successful album in the books, Price is in the midst of recording his follow-up release in hopes of following the footsteps of the first and keeping his momentum rolling. This time around, his aim is to get a little closer to the heart:

“Rather than the pop-rock edge that drove the first album, the new material is a little more geared towards soulful pop-folk and has more of an atmospheric quality to it. I want the music to take the listener somewhere. It’s a tad darker…it’s a tad moodier…and it’s definitely much more up close and personal”

Talented, humble, hardworking, charming, fearless…All of these words accurately represent this young acoustic based artist who is making an indelible mark on the music scene in more ways than one. Price is poised to expand on his early successes in 2015 as he takes his soul-baring new sound beyond North America and to the rest of the world.

“Forget about dreaming, the truth is Chad Price is here to stay…this is only the beginning for this up and coming talent” – Kassandra Rudder, Localiez Magazine